Cohesive and impassioned ethos has bought this team of highly skilled professionals together. Our genuine care and tenacituy  with which we pursue our clients success is what sets us apart.

As the Founder of Mosh Fitness his vision was for a new era of personal training and Life Coaching and he alone has built a reputation as one of the leading transformation specialists.

Mosh Omaghomi

Master Coach, Mentor and Founder of Mosh Fitness

Even as a young child, I was very active in sports. My happy childhood and teenage years were shaped by Sport. Even before qualifying or becoming a professional I would regularly train with gym members and advising them based on my own personal experiences. As an adult I started to train as a student in Muay Thai boxing and this only deepened my desire to be in the fitness Industry.

I took the plunge to pursue my passion to inspire others to lead a healthier lifestyle and changed careers and qualified as a Personal trainer since that time I have furthered my knowledge base Industry wide. I have experience of working with all types of people to achieve their goals with the quickest and most effective way of doing so. I decided to found Mosh Fitness to bring together everything I have learnt and to piece together the professionals needed to excel.

I went onto qualify as a 2nd Degree Muay Thai Instructor which I believe has totally changed the way I look at the discipline of fitness. I believe that there is an inseparable partnership between the body and mind and without both being looked after we are not at out true optimal health and our lifestyle should reflect this.

Qualifications and Specialist Areas

* REPS Level 3 Personal Trainer *Weight Loss *Nutritional advice and Programmes * 2nd Degree Muay Thai Instructor *Thai Boxing grading *Endurance * Functional Training * HITT ( High Intensity Training) * Kettle bell Training * Strength and Conditioning * Circuit / Boot camp Specialist * Outdoor Training Specialist * Athlete Performance

Marie Omaghomi

Holistic Nurtrionist and Therapist, NLP Practioner


If you require to speak to this member of the team and you would like to make contact please contact Mosh Fitness

Szilvia Sullyos

Senior Trainer

For as long as I can remember my life has been based around sport, as a child I watched both my parents as professional athletes and remember being very proud of the achievements.
From the age of 6 I knew sport would be my Life.
I played professional tennis back home ranking in the top 10 for many years.

I started to coach people over 8 years ago and have gone on to develop my knowledge further.
I specialise in body and mind transformations and have a keen interest in helping people with eating disorders. Also as a sufferer with PCOS myself, I help my clients fight against the syndrome with personal experience.

I believe your body “transformation” starts with a clear mind. Let me support you on your journey and I promise you that YOU will fall in love with your body from the inside out.

Qualifications and Specialist Areas

* REPS Level 3 Personal Trainer *Circuit training *Kettlebell Training *Body Transformation Coach *GP Referral *Strength and Conditioning *Eating Disorders

Details Coming Soon

Sports Nutritionist


If you require to speak to this member of the team and you would like to make contact please contact Mosh Fitness


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Mosh Fitness offers a highly skilled and rigorously selected team of professionals to give you unique and complete packages to rediscover and reshape the body beneath your clothes.

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